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$4 Sleeves/$14 Jugs Pale Ale / 1516 and $6 Appy's Every Vancouver Canucks Game

Everyday 'Froggy Hour' 2pm-6pm

Frog house lager $4.25
OK Pale Ale $4.6
House Wine 6oz $4.75
House Hi Balls $4.75 single $7 Double

Select Appies $6 2pm-6pm and 9pm- close

'Old School True Pint' Sundays- 

Live Irish Music 2pm-5pm

20 oz Guinness/ Strongbow/ Sommersby  $6.75
Caesars $4.75 Single $7 Double

Irish stew with Garlic Bread $10
8 oz Roast Beef Dinner with all the trimming $13 (after 5pm)

Moody Mondays-

Tacos and Trivia 7pm!

Moosehead Lager $4.60
Jugs of Molson Product $15

Pasta of the Day $10

Tasty Tuesday 

Sleeves of Molson Products $4.60
Select Frog Cocktails  $6.50 Doubles

Steak Sandwich $12

Wing It' Wednesdays

Pints of Steamworks Product $6
1/2 Ltr of House Wine $14

$.49 Cent Chicken Wings All Day Long!

Crafty Thursdays - Karaoke Night!

1/2 Ltr House Wine $14

2 piece Fish and Chips $12
$.69 Cent Wings 8-close during karaoke

Friday and Saturdays- Live Music every Saturday night

​Select Shooters $4.25
Hi Balls $4.75 single $7 Doubles
Jugs of Molson Product $15

Cheeseburger and Fries $8

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